improving needle 


Alleviating the fear of 

needle experiences through 

innovative VR technology


Smileyscope redefines fear through positive technology

Evidence based medical grade
virtual reality - designed for healthcare use

Over 20 effective 

Virtual Reality experiences

ssc_post proto_20200616.64.png

Meets infection control standards with anti-microbial protection (Microban®)

Comprehensive relaxation library
with music therapy

Smileyscope is a Class 1 medical device that is compliant with numerous health, safety and
environmental standards including: EN ISO 14971:2012; EN 62366: 2008; EN ISO 10993-1

"My child has had
over 300 procedures.
This was the first time 
he has not cried"

Parent of a 5 year old

Statutory Disclaimer: Patient in clinical trial who did not receive compensation and is not an immediate family member, of an individual who is involved with the production, sale, supply or marketing of the goods.

By clinicians, for clinicians

Smileyscope was created by physicians who knew there had to be a better way to manage fear around medical procedures.


We put in thousands of needles and know how traumatic these procedures are for patients, families and clinicians.


We created an innovative tool in a thoughtful and scientifically rigorous way. We ensured that the tool was fun, practical and easy to use in our own clinical practice.

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Everyone loves Smileyscope


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