Smileyscope's story


Children hate needles.

During pediatric training, I attended thousands of needle procedures.  Many were traumatic for the child, their parents and healthcare workers. They left a lasting impression on me.

I knew there had to be a better way to manage the pain, anxiety and distress of needle procedures. Virtual reality, which virtually takes the child away from the needle procedure, is that better option.

I'm Dr Evelyn Chan, medical doctor, Rhodes scholar, BCG alumnus and founder of Smileyscope. I developed Smileyscope because I wanted a tool that I could use in clinical practice for needle procedures.


Using scientific principles, we reviewed over 12,000 papers, performed hundreds of user tests and embedded best clinical and digital practice in our virtual reality product. We scientifically tested this in the world's largest clinical trial in pediatric needles. This study confirms that my virtual reality adventure makes needles better for children.

It's important that we get pediatric needles right. They can be awful procedures to attend, but their impact goes far beyond screaming, crying and thrashing around. Costs are staggering. Billions are spent in the US alone trying to manage pediatric needles. The consequences can be dire: needle phobias, healthcare phobias and a lifetime of healthcare avoidance.

We're making a difference. If you can help, please get in touch.

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