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Smileyscope has a range of VR experiences specifically developed by clinicians to get the best results for your patient's needs and your practice.

Therapeutic experiences

For children, teens, and adults to be used during procedures. Real-world sensations are reframed in the VR world in an engaging way. This relaxing underwater adventure incorporates over two dozen best practice therapeutic techniques, and has been clinically tested in rigorous randomized controlled trials.

Deep breathing

A calming underwater experience, which guides a patient through a series of deep breathing exercises. In sync with breathing, you can see beautiful rings of bubbles or pods of dolphins. This might be used during gas induction or to support patients to stay calm in the healthcare setting.


Content where patients can be transported to a beautiful beach, forest walk, swim with whale sharks, and many more amazing environments. These videos are backed by soothing melodies kindly provided by The Hush Foundation. who create calming music for children's hospitals and other stressful environments.

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